C 59

This was a very special project. We had the mission of undertaking a complete renovation of all the social areas of the apartment. It was a blank canvas that allowed us to create a fully customized design and infuse it with our essence.

Lg 46

We embarked on this project with great excitement. The owners entrusted us with decorating their entire apartment, with high hopes of creating a second home in Madrid that would reflect their personality and style.


The sensibility that we manifested in this two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Madrid is that this home is the gathering place for a large family that is dispersed around the world. Our aim was to create a contrast between simplicity and comfort.

F 10

When we began the project, our client was clear about one thing, she wanted a cozy and aesthetically curated “piede a terre” but having a family turned practicality in priority number one.

SO 12

Our clients knew exactly what the wanted and they made sure we understood it when we started this project. They have a passion for art and modern pieces, the aesthetic they were aiming for was that of a new york apartment with contemporary style.

Dr 3A

We did this project for a young couple who are building a family but want to live in a home that reflects their lifestyle and personality.

Dr 2c

DR2C was a project that from the beginning was oriented to be a luxury rental apartment.

Dr 1B

When starting the DR1B project, our main focus was to create a comfortable, versatile and pleasant space for the family that was going to inhabit this pied a terre.

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